Hi! I’m Michelle and welcome to my blog, StyleMeEZ (pronounced ‘Style-Me-Easy’).

StyleMeEZ started on Instagram as a platform to show modern woman of today, how to coordinate colours and clothing with perfume and make-up.   I loved every moment of showcasing my personal style through ideally using my wardrobe clothing and providing ideas of how to create easy outfits for various occasions.

As time went on, StyleMeEZ gained many followers, and so began the urge to start a blog of my fashion experiences, style tips and trends but at the same time provide local designers experiential advice and info on how to start a clothing label. Why teach others about a clothing label you ask?  Well let me tell you where it all began.

I’ve had much experience in the fashion industry growing up in Cape Town where I started my own fashion label and supplied a boutique with ready-to-wear collections, created haute couture garments to private clients and even designed and created costumes for a theatre production which proved to be quite a fun adventure in show business.

As life happened, I packed up everything and moved to Johannesburg where I settled myself into the corporate world and obtained a financial degree.  The passion for fashion never left and a few years later, slowly but surely, I took to social media with my fashion ideas and started collecting resources once again to commence the start of a new era of my clothing label in the fashion industry.

My intention is not only to influence and inspire fashionistas on the latest trends, tips and style techniques, but to have you as the inexperienced novice or qualified design artist, join me on my journey of starting up again my new clothing label.  It is not easy and the competition is immense but through my experience and knowledge of what not to do, I am hoping my guidelines will assist emerging designers to not fall prey to bad habits through videos, experiences and key points essential in the fashion trade.

Going forward, if there is anything you would like to see on my blog in the future, do let me know, or, if you wish to discuss a collaboration or speaking at events, just email me on stylemeez@yahoo.com.

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